With an increasing number of consumers turning to the internet for a buying decision in various niches, affiliate marketing has been established as a relevant and viable business that takes full advantage of the World Wide Web.
Visualize selling personalized products and providing targeted offers to people from all parts of the world at your convenience without having any local outlet. You don’t even have to worry about paying staffs, neither will you be buying stocks to display, nor will you have to consider property rental, as you will be working from home. Imagine the freedom and convenience! That is exactly what marketing for a niche feels like on the internet. The income per time may be small, but such source of revenue is potentially continuous.
The foundation of any online marketing business is the niche, and the concept often terrifies people coming in for the first time because a mistake can be very costly. Here, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about a niche for successful affiliate marketing.
Ok, what then is a niche?
A niche is a small segment or a sub-category of the online market which distinctively focuses on providing solutions to a particular need. It could be a business idea, if it is able to satisfy a set of internet audience, you can call it a niche! In simple terms, a niche refers to a group of internet users with one common interest.

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You won’t be limited to selling or promoting physical products. You could work as a Trip Advisor, Relationship Doctor, or Sports Analyst if you are the talky type. Just think of anything in your head that you know will impress a category of people. It can be something as trivial as “Meditation”, or something as naughty as “Sacred sexuality for Lesbian Couples”. As long as it has its own audience, trust me when I tell you it’s still a niche!

However, a niche shouldn’t be mixed up with a “field”. A field is the extensive category of a need which can still be shredded into more precise stuff.

Health, for example, is just too broad as it can still be crumbled to Animal health, Human health, Aqua health etc. Taking a cue from Human health, this can be shredded to Joint pain, boosting libido, cellulite removal, diabetic recipes etc. Such is what you can call niches! Clothing also is too big to be called a niche. It’s a “field” which can still be split into specific needs like children’s clothing, baby’s clothing, men’s clothing, maternity clothing etc. All these make good examples of niches.

Like they say, “try to please everybody, and you will end up pleasing none”. An equivalent of that in affiliate marketing is choosing a broad niche, because you may end up making “none”. Therefore, before you settle on a niche, be sure it is focused on the simplest form of need as much as possible and soon, everyone will start to consult you as an expert in it!

So, how do I find myself a niche?

Finding a niche shouldn’t make you feel like it’s kept at the end of the rainbow or hidden under a rock. It’s as simple as checking through your list of ideas, interests, and things you are good at to pick just one which you can conveniently and tirelessly handle on a long term, yet profitable.

A common mistake often made by people looking for their first niche in affiliate marketing is trying to find something different from what other marketers are doing, just to avoid competition. To give you a shocker, there is absolutely no niche that you can think of that has not been tried before! In fact, having fewer people on a niche is a sign that there is no demand for its products or you can’t earn from it.

As it stands, the more the competition and the more the demand for a niche, the more profitable the niche is. This is because such niche is a general problem or need, and a large number of internet users will be in search of a solution.

That doesn’t put your choice of a niche on a tight leash. There is a wide range of viable niches out there, and it will be good to find the one that will match your interest, especially when it is of great importance that you have a good knowledge of your topic (another name for niche). That is what can make earning through online marketing less of a job and all-fun for you. Else, you won’t get very far in that niche.

That aside, you don’t want to sound clueless while communicating with your niche audience; you may lose their trust in your recommendations in a snap. After all, they landed on your page because they believe you could help them decide, and you know the blind can’t be leading the blind.

The bottom line is that every niche represents someone’s problem, want or need, and for you, the solution provider, it has to be your passion, hobby, and interest. If your performance is impressive, your audience will return to patronize you, and some may recommend you to their friends and family.

What if I still can’t make a choice out of my broad topics of interest?


You don’t necessarily have to get it all right before jumping in. Chances are, your first niche won’t

be your last niche, so don’t be scared to start with whatever comes to your mind first. However, a quick way to narrow down your choice is by matching your broad list of interests and areas of knowledge with the activities that surround affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you will regularly;

1. Research to pick viable products or services to promote

2. Write website contents about the niche and its products or services

3. Be in contact with your audience to answer questions that surround the niche

4. Assist your niche audience with services or products recommendation and suggestion.

If you can do any of the above activities tirelessly for any of the topics you highlighted as your favourite, you can start with it!

An alternative for those that are strong enough to work with any niche as long as it pays, or for those that don’t have an idea of what niche to choose is to go for the well-established ones. Any of such niches will have the following features;

1. Several forums, websites and social media groups with a large audience discussing the niche

2. A proven track record of patronage and it will be in high demand

3. A good competition with variety of products for sale

Some of the websites that can help you find these very profitable niches and popular trends include;

1. Twitter.com: Checking through the trending stuff and #Hashtags, you can get an idea of the talk of the moment.

2. Amazon.com: Here you can sort the list of niches on the search panel by “hot products”, “customer review”, or “new and popular”.

Other websites that can give you an idea of what’s in vogue and on high sale include Clickbank, Yahoo’s “Trending”, Google Trends, Flippa’s “Just sold”, Ebay Popular, Google News etc.

I believe there are lots of ideas popping on your mind already, so you should be confident enough to decide on what niche would be your most profitable passion and interest by now!

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